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NEHI Recommends Implementing Value-Based Contracts With High-Cost Oncology Treatments

This article was originally posted by AJMC on November 12, 2017. Perhaps the greatest obstacle impeding patient access to the newest, most cutting-edge cancer drugs is the high cost associated with them. Although several of the newer oncology drugs are backed by strong clinical evidence and have demonstrated promising real-world outcomes, payers remain reluctant to finance these costly drugs for consumers. In response to this growing issue, the Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (NEHI) has encouraged the use of "value-based" or "outcomes-based" contracting for oncology drugs. The principle behind this innovative idea is that drug manufacturers can negotiate pricing with payers bas

Medicaid ‘best price’ approach to drug costs needs an upgrade

This article was originally published by STAT News on November 10, 2017. D iscussions on access to prescription drugs are back in vogue in the nation’s capital, where the Senate recently convened a fiery hearing on the drug delivery system and President Trump is reiterating a commitment to addressing the cost of prescription drugs. One way to rein in drug costs would be to reduce government interference in arrangements between drug makers and insurers that reward better patient outcomes and lower costs. Prescription drugs account for about 10 percent of total health care spending, but it is the sector of health care that touches Americans’ lives most deeply and often. To date, lawmakers have